Venue: Centre Mont-Royal, 2200 Rue Mansfield, Montreal, Canada.    

Date:    May 20, 2018


Keynote Speakers

Ke Wu

Professor at Polytechnique Montreal,

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering,

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Yoshua Bengio

Scientific Director of Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA),

Professor at University of Montreal,

 Officer of the Order of Canada,

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


CCIEF is led by a coalition between the Research & Development Frontiers Institute (RDFI), Montréal NewTech, and McGill CGSA to create empowering spaces to bring together Chinese, Canadians of Chinese descent and other Canadians to learn, share, collaborate and be inspired to explore innovations and build startups together.


The annual Canada-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum is our vehicule to bring together the brightest minds from the university and research fields, as well as established entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and key stakeholders in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Created with Entrepreneurs as the cornerstone of its raison d’être, the CCIEF’s mission is to support entrepreneurs by fostering an environment that promotes interaction and cooperation between Chinese and Canadian Entrepreneurs.

As such, CCIEF champions the link between the entrepreneurial community and corporate partners to achieve positive impacts in those ecosystems, and be the catalyst for international initiatives, industry breakthroughs, and hundreds of projects and collaborations between China and Canada.
We, at CCIEF, understand our responsibilities as frontrunners in the Chinese-Canadian Community to spearhead the environment rich in creativity and innovation.

Which is why, CCIEF leverages its diverse network and expertise in the Chinese and Canadian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to assist, guide, facilitate, and promote exchanges between China and Canada

  • Assist Canadian/Chinese entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses in China/Canada’s existing and emerging markets.

  • Guide Entrepreneurs to exploit new opportunities and trends, adapt to changing business landscapes.

  • Facilitate connection and interaction between entrepreneurs, incubators and investors.

  • Provide solutions to the unique challenges entrepreneurs face by introducing relevant Subject Matter Experts (industry leaders, academics, and government officials).

  • Promote the collaboration between industry professionals and academics to push the boundaries of scientific research and innovation.

Over 400 participants from governments, enterprises, venture capitals, incubators, investment promotion agencies, research institutes and universities are coming to this forum. A variety of topics concerning the future of innovation and entrepreneurship between China and Canada will then be fully discussed, including the latest policies, business climate and trends, frontier technologies, investment environment, and research transfer.







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